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Hartsfield-Jackson's Rental Car Center (RCC)


Important facts about Hartsfield-Jackson’s rental car center

  • Address for the rental car center is 2200 Rental Car Center Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30337.
  • All rental car companies are located at the rental car center.
  • Pickup and return of all vehicles is at the rental car center.
  • The rental car center train (ATL SkyTrain) does not connect to the existing train that serves the passenger terminal and concourses.
  • The ATL SkyTrain’s first stop is the Georgia International Convention Center (GICC).
  • The second stop is the rental car center, where rental contracts, keys and cars are in one convenient location.
  • The train trip between the Airport station and the rental car center station takes about five minutes.
  • The wait time between trains during peak times is about three minutes.

Rental car center facts

  • More than 2 million people rent vehicles each year at Hartsfield-Jackson.
  • The ATL SkyTrain operates six two-car trains. Each car can carry 50 passengers and their baggage.
  • The rental car center includes:
    • Two four-story parking decks
    • 2.8 million square feet of parking area
    • More than 8,700 parking spaces
    • 1,200 additional ground-level parking spaces
    • 137,000-square-foot customer service center
    • 1.3-acre facility to store and maintain trains
    • “Quick turnaround” area with maintenance, wash and fuel facilities for rental vehicles
    • 58 fuel pumps
    • 19 wash bays with water recovery system