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Tightening the Faucets at the World’s Busiest Airport
By John McCullough
Tightening the Faucets at the World’s Busiest Airport

What has 725 commodes, 338 urinals and 601 sinks? No, not the bath supply inventory at your favorite home improvement store. These are the numbers of fixtures in 78 public restrooms at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Faced with ongoing drought in Georgia, the Department of Aviation began a water conservation program in May aimed at reducing water consumption throughout the Airport, where 916,000 gallons of water are used daily.

“The goal is to reduce water usage by 15 percent,” said Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation Executive Director Kim Vagher. “The ways we are saving water range from reducing the amount of water used per flush to recovering and reusing water collected in the Airport’s cooling system.”

This summer, plans are underway to replace existing urinal flush valves and toilets with more efficient units. Hartsfield-Jackson’s conservation initiative is one of a list of strategies that make up the City of Atlanta’s Water Conservation Program.


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