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Lights, Camera, Hartsfield-Jackson!
By John McCullough

Did you know?

Hartsfield-Jackson was included in films as recent as the 2007 Tyler Perry hit, “Why Did I Get Married?” and as far back as the 1993 Kim Basinger drama “Boxing Helena.” The Airport also graced the small screen in episodes of “Being Bobby Brown” and “Oprah’s Big Give.”

Hartsfield-Jackson’s tenant airlines also use the Airport as the backdrop for employee training videos.

Hartsfield-Jackson fields international filming requests from countries such as Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Each filming request that comes to the Airport doesn’t make it to the silver screen, but in the projects that do make it to the box office, Hartsfield-Jackson usually graces the screen in brief snippets of landing aircraft or longer terminal shots. Whether it’s a big-budget film or small-budget music video, Hartsfield-Jackson as a shooting location contributes to the multi-million dollar Georgia entertainment industry.

Source: Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office

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