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Camping Out With Tomorrow’s Aviation Professionals
By John McCullough

The 2008 Aviation Careers Education (ACE) camp brought the next generation of aviation leaders to Hartsfield-Jackson. The Organization of Black Airline Pilots and Delta Air Lines sponsored the program to promote educational and professional opportunities in aviation.

2008 Aviation Careers Education (ACE) camp

The program, held at Delta Air Lines’ world headquarters in Atlanta, was free for the campers. Among other activities, the campers were provided lessons in aviation history, aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation and flight training with FAA qualified flight instructors. Other highlights included a roundtrip “Dream Flight” to Houston for a visit to the Johnson Space Center.

“The ACE camp has fueled my desire to become a pilot,” said Brandon Henry, a 17- year old camper from Patterson, Louisiana. “ACE camp was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Brandon was among 62 high school students participating in the program. Many campers hailed from metro Atlanta and throughout the Southeast region. One camper, 16-year old Courtley Yan, traveled from Anchorage, Alaska, to participate.

“Hartsfield-Jackson enjoys opportunities to partner with our stakeholders in support of our area’s youth,” said Hartsfield-Jackson Deputy General Manager Mario Diaz, who discussed aviation careers and discipline with the campers during their visits to the Airport on July 14 and July 21. “Discipline is the focus that helps a pilot get a plane off the ground, and it will help each of you succeed.”

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