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Exhibit presents timeless beauty of Georgia landscape
By DeAllous Smith

Just like an old, sweet song, Hartsfield-Jackson’s latest art exhibit is sure to keep Georgia on the minds of travelers.

In the exhibit “Modern Ancients,” regional artist Diane Mastin Kirkland uses photography to capture the state’s diverse and beautiful scenery. Many areas featured in the collection have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years.

“Often, we seem to lose the connection with our natural surroundings, and we seem very complacent to allow these sanctuaries to disappear,” Kirkland said. “I would like for my pictures to show that these places are worthy of our attention, because we won’t keep what we don’t value.”

Kirkland said that the exhibit in Hartsfield-Jackson’s Atrium Gallery is part of a larger project to document Georgia’s geographic regions, from the mountains in the north to the swampy, low-lying coastal plains in the south.

“This collection brings out a sense of mystery and sacredness in a landscape that is specifically Georgian,” said Katherine Marbury, Airport Art Program manager. “These places appear to be outside of time.”

“Modern Ancients” will be displayed through January 5.

Mount Arabia photograph

This photograph of Mount Arabia by Diane Kirkland is featured in the "Modern Ancients" exhibit.

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