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People With Disabilities

Bus and Rail Transportation

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) public transit system offers passengers direct rail service between the Airport's domestic terminal building and downtown Atlanta. Passengers can also ride MARTA to and from other parts of the city. The station's platform includes elevator access. For more information on MARTA's passenger services, please call (404) 848-4711.

Greyhound Lines Inc., the nation’s largest provider of intercity bus transportation, offers assistance to customers with disabilities. The Greyhound system includes a boarding and departure destination at Hartsfield-Jackson, which allows direct access into the Airport’s Domestic Terminal North building. To arrange assistance, please contact Greyhound Lines’ Customer With Disabilities Assist Line at (800) 752-4841 at least 48 hours prior to departure.

To request information on schools that offer trained guide dogs for visually impaired travelers, contact Guide Dogs for the Blind, a nonprofit - charitable organization at (800) 295-4050.

Airport Parking

Parking for passengers with disabilities is available in all Airport parking areas, including Hourly, Daily, Economy and Park-Ride lots. Upon entering the parking lot please follow highly visible directional signage, which reflects the standard symbol for disabled individuals. These signs guide passengers with disabilities to the designated parking spaces.

Passengers with disabilities are encouraged to use our Airport “Park-Ride” facility, which offers convenient service to the domestic terminal building. A free shuttle bus service, which is wheelchair accessible for people who are physically challenged, will pick up passengers at their vehicle and quickly take them to the curbside check-in. Also, high-top vans over 8-feet are encouraged to park in our surface "Park-Ride" lots. Upon returning to Hartsfield-Jackson, “Park-Ride” customers are picked up at the Ground Transportation Center. “Park-Ride” parking rates are: $1 per hour; $9 per day.

For additional information, contact Standard Parking 24 hours a day at (404) 530-5010.


All restroom facilities are fully equipped for wheelchair access. Four sets of “Men/Women” restrooms are located on each concourse.

One set is located at either end while two sets are centrally located on each concourse.

Two sets are located in the Airport's Atrium.

A unisex restroom for those traveling with an attendant is located at Gate T-11, A-8, C-11, D-5, and D-31.

Service Animals

To accommodate passengers’ pets and service animals, Hartsfield-Jackson has a Poochie Park located on the lower level of the Domestic Terminal North outside door LN2 to the right of the building. Owners can take animals to this grassy area and allow pets to relieve themselves. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals if possible with scoopers provided on site. Pet owners whose animals experience an accident elsewhere around the terminal may use the Poochie Park scoopers and receptacles for clean-up.

There are also two other areas where pets may relieve themselves in the grassy knoll located in the Ground Transportation area on Domestic Terminal South outside of doors W1 and W2. Currently, Hartsfield-Jackson does not have pet facilities inside the secured areas. We recommend owners take advantage of the above locations if possible.

TTY/TDD Telephone Locations

Airport telephone booths are designed to accommodate passengers with special needs and are located throughout the concourses. Passengers should proceed to the Domestic Terminal North Baggage Claim area and concourse gates E-15, E-29, D-9, C-13, B-19, A-24 and T-3.

The domestic terminal offers a special needs telephone in the main corridor near the main security-screening checkpoint. Additional telephones are located in the terminal ticketing areas with two pedestal phones in the Terminal Baggage Area.

Wheelchair Assistance

Airline representatives at Hartsfield-Jackson are available to provide wheelchair assistance. To reserve a wheelchair, please contact the airline directly prior to the scheduled flight.