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Ground Transportation Permit Application


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Ground Transportation providers continuously provide world-class service to the world’s busiest airport. Our goal is to provide safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation options while creating enjoyable transportation experiences to all of our customers. If your company is interested in contributing to this culture of excellence, please submit a permit application.

You may submit your permit application for consideration. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval of a permit.

To apply for a New Ground Transportation Permit, you must:

  1. Please reference the following:
  1. Please attach a letter of intent on the company’s letterhead describing the type of transportation service you intend to provide to the airport. Complete your Permit Application and return in person or mail it back with all required documentation as noted to:
    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
    Ground Transportation
    P.O. Box 20509, Suite 435
    Atlanta, GA 30320-2509
  2. Complete the permit application form for your desired permit type under tab A, below. In addition, complete the forms that appear under tabs B, C, D and present documents requested under tab E.
    NOTE: Any existing company whose Ground Transportation permit has expired will be required to start a NEW Permit Application.
  1. Complete the HJAIA GT New Permit Application form for the desired permit listed below. Please type your information and ensure you submit the required business plan as indicated.
  2. Complete the HJAIA GT Authorized Driver ListMS_Excel
    • Please type your information and print a copy to submit with your application.
    • Save the file on your computer for your records and for future staff revisions.
  3. Complete the HJAIA GT Airport Authorized Vehicle List and Insurance Verification MS_Excel MS_Word
    • Please type your information and print a copy to submit with your application.
    • Save the file on your computer for your records and for future fleet revisions.
    NOTE: Any changes to your driver staff or vehicle fleet will require an updated Driver List and/or Airport Authorized Vehicle List submission to the Ground Transportation office. Drivers and vehicles are not authorized to operate at the airport unless they are on these lists, and must not operate until these forms have been submitted and approved by Ground Transportation.
  4. Complete and submit notarized SAVE Affidavit which is required to conduct business with The City of Atlanta.
  5. Provide three photos of your vehicle(s), showing the overall paint scheme and markings.
    • One (1) of the front of the vehicle.
    • One (1) with the side view of the vehicle. Markings must be visible in the photo (e.g. Company info, authorities—DOT#, GPSC#, etc.). All vehicles except limousines are required to have permanent markings. Magnetic signs are NOT permissible.
    • One (1) of the rear displaying the vehicle’s current license plate.
    Ground Transportation will contact you to schedule an appointment. Please make preparations to pay the annual permit fee upon approval.
    • A corporate check or money order made payable to “City of Atlanta”
Bring applicable receipts for payment (see below) to the appointment: Payment of applicable fees Invoices, citations, liquidated damages and other applicable fees must be paid before the permit can be approved.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Ground Transportation at 404-530-6674 or email

IMPORTANT: The permit is not valid until you receive written notification from Ground Transportation advising that your permit is approved and complete. You are not authorized to conduct commercial operations at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport until you receive this written notice. You may be subject to fines, denial of your permit and other corrective actions if you operate without authorization.