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Gold Reserve Parking

  • There is no waiting in line to take a ticket or look for a parking space. A parking space is assured for you in this separate, reserved parking area.

  • The Gold Reserve Lot is located adjacent to Terminal North and Terminal South on the ground level of the parking deck. The lot is covered to protect you from the elements.

  • When you set up your account, an advance payment of $200 is established and maintained at all times along with a $25 Automated Vehicle Identification “AVI” windshield transponder fee. In addition, an annual minimum usage fee (AMUF) of $360 is established as well. THE AMUF is charged to all GOLD PARKERS annually in the month of January and is non-refundable. Note: License Plate Transponder (Mounted Vehicle Bumper Tag) is $40.00 each if required for your vehicle. A replacement for each type of transponder/tag will be the same as the fee noted above.

  • We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, Amex, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

  • This reserved lot is designed for overnight parkers. Parking fees are $3 per hour to a maximum of $30 per 24-hour period.

  • To become a GOLD PARKER, secure your Gold Lot membership today on the Park-Ride Reserve application site or please call (404) 530-5010, extension 137 for South Gold Lot or extension 139 for North Gold Lot.