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Parking News & Updates

easy in out

Credit Card in Credit Card out.

It’s easy in, easy out with ATL’s Credit Card in – Credit Card out feature.

This time-saving option is available at all Domestic Park-Ride lots, the West Economy lot and the International Terminal Parking Decks.

To use this feature, go to one of our Express Pay machines and insert your credit card before you enter the lot. When it’s time to leave, simply use the same credit card to exit.


Locate your parked vehicle using QR Codes.

We have taken the mystery out of locating your vehicle. Airport guests parking in the Domestic or International parking facilities can grab a convenient reminder card that shows the location of their parked vehicle.

Looking for a high tech way to find your car? Use your mobile device to access the location of your vehicle by scanning the QR codes posted throughout all Domestic and International parking facilities.


Take. Pay. Go.

To help you save time, take your parking ticket with you and use it to pay for parking at one of our pre-pay stations located at the Domestic and International terminal.
Once you’ve paid, drive up to the fast Pay & Go lanes, insert your ticket at the gate, and off you go!

Parking Revenue Control Systems

Another time-saving option is the ATL Parking Revenue Control System. This system features over 40 pre-pay stations as well as express exit lanes that accept cash and credit cards.

There is also multi-language voice annotation to assist non-English speaking guests. Pre-pay machines can be found at all Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International parking facilities.

Parking Entrances

If you drop off your bags or passengers at curbside check-in, simply follow the overhead "TERMINAL RETURN" signs to reach the parking entrances.

Lot Printed Directly On Your Parking Ticket

To better assist you when returning to your car, the lot you park in is printed on the upper right corner of your ticket. Also, be sure to note the level section and row number when you park.

Parking For People With Disabilities

Parking for people with disabilities is available in all Airport parking areas, including Hourly, Daily, Economy and Park-Ride lots. Clearly marked spaces are located in close proximity to the terminal.